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About Us

Our Story...

We've been in the construction industry for over 45 years, and helping residents and businesses in the Triangle area for over 25 years. We provide services related to home improvement, remodeling, repair, and hazardous tree removals. Our more than 10,000 name client list includes customers from decades ago, and now their children just starting out owning their first homes.

Our history includes providing disaster recovery assistance from major hurricanes (Hugo, Bertha, Fran, Floyd, Florence, Matthew, etc.) and more common homeowner issues from wind damage, kitchen fires, floods from burst pipes or clogged drains, chimney collapse or foundation settling.

We install residential shingled roofs by “hand-nailing” the shingles and custom, on-site fabrication of Copper flashings to accurately conform to the exterior of your home, all with a LIFETIME shingle labor warranty. As “second generation” Building Contractors, we began four decades ago focusing on the delivery of high quality craftsmanship, paying attention to meeting the customer’s expectations ahead of profitability. As a result, throughout our entire history, we have been blessed to have a waiting list of contracted projects several weeks, and often months in advance.

Why We're Different...

At J. Trent & Associates, we only do things one way:  the right way! Our North Carolina Licensed Building Contractors perform nearly all functions related to home construction, including repairs, disaster recovery, and hazardous tree removals that even some arborists might refuse.

When we say that we do everything related to your home, we do actually mean everything! We can assist with construction planning, site selection, building placement/orientation, "scrape-offs", destruction/demolition, and hauling the debris to the landfill. From the very beginning of your project to finishing the ridge shingles on a roof, we have all of your building needs covered! 
Each year, we work on hundreds of homes that were built incorrectly or have failed due to inferior material selection. At J. Trent & Associates, we repair and remodel houses with results that last. Many of today's construction methods focus on speed, low cost, and ease of installation instead of quality and craftsmanship. But not us! Check out our Core Values below to learn more about our style of doing things. 

Core Values
We strive to be responsible stewards of the trust that our customers convey by allowing us to work in their homes. We provide detailed descriptions of the proposed work to be performed to accurately describe customer expectations. We seek to "under promise" and "over deliver" on every project. We charge fair market prices to pay our tithe, taxes, and operating costs. 

When a job is completed and we look back on the process, our goal is to take pride in work that was done to the highest standards possible. Our work is an indicator of our commitment to what we believe in, and a customer’s satisfaction is our reward. We offer an unlimited warranty on craftsmanship to ensure that our work is of the highest quality available. (Most roofing contractors offer a one- or two-year labor warranty. Our labor warranty is among the strongest in the industry.)

Our company’s success is rooted in a well-trained, qualified, and professional work force. Our associate teams are respectful, clean, well-organized, and passionate about what they do. We treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own.

Our job is complete only when our customers are completely satisfied. We go the extra mile to ensure that every single customer views their experience with J. Trent & Associates as valuable and worthwhile. Our goal is to ensure the customer is satisfied with both the experience and the finished product. We are available 24/7/365 for disaster-related service requests.

Mission Statement

Our company's core values of integrity, craftsmanship, professionalism, and service are the principles that guide us through our daily operations as we pursue our mission to provide a quality worthwhile service and to be profitable in our endeavors.
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