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Comforting Children During an Approaching Storm

Comforting Children During an Approaching Storm

As many of our Google and FaceBook followers are aware, our company owner, J. Trent Hicks, has had a parallel career in human services as a Master’s Level Adolescent and Family Counselor while maintaining a home improvement, remodeling, and repair contracting company as a NC Licensed Building Contractor.

Occasionally, his experiences in working with teenagers and families as a “live in” therapist; directing a correctional facility for convicted felons (murderers 18 -21 years of age); creating and operating an educational “day-treatment school” for students discharged from failed psychiatric placements and educational expulsions come in “handy” in the construction field.

His word of caution for parents (when there is 24/7 news coverage of an approaching storm) is to guard against what young children see and hear concerning the storm coverage; unless adequately explained.

Children (like most adults) ALWAYS want to be reassured that they are SAFE. With all the “hype” of the weather coverage by nearly EVERY cable news network, it would be wise to monitor what adults discuss as they prepare for the hurricane to make landfall. Also, allowing small children access to the constant news reports is a potential source of increased anxiety, disturbed sleep, unexplained outbursts of anger, etc.

When adults are faced with a potential tragedy, the usual response is to make plans to prepare and address any threats. Without spending some time specifically “teaching” children what MIGHT happen, what COULD happen, and what your family WILL do to keep everyone safe, the child’s mind can imagine experiences far worse than reality.
It’s always better to spend time with your children; especially to comfort, assure, and teach them about planning, problem solving, organization, and responsibility in storm preparation.
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