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Project Expectations

Thank for choosing our company for your upcoming project!  

We recognize the value of a customer and cherish them as sources of our company's future success!. You see, we learned over four decades ago that a satisfied customer is to be valued as an "investment" in our company. We don't have an advertising budget as "satisfied customers build our business".

We have found that a customer who receives a clear understanding of the services we propose, is quoted a reasonable price, is "in the loop" through frequent communication of schedules, material quality and color decisions, and understands the process of coordination of material, labor, property access, etc. will become a referral source for years to come! We have customers who have hired us repeatedly over many decades for a variety of projects!

You can expect our crews to treat you and your family with courtesy and respect. You can also expect our crews to treat and protect your property as though we were working at our own home. Construction projects can be stressful, noisy, dirty, and disruptive to your family's routine and peace of mind. We acknowledge this and will do our very best to make the process as comfortable as possible. If there is ever a circumstance where you feel that we could do something differently to improve in any area, please speak to your Crew Leader or call J. Trent directly, 24 hours a day. We REALLY want you to be pleased with EVERY aspect of our work.

During construction, we will need access to electricity and water for most projects. Most homes have both available on the exterior. We provide portable toilets for long term projects for the comfort of our crews and to minimize any inconvenience to your family. If your homeowner's association has any sight requirements for Porta-Potties, please let us know and our "appearance/landscaping enhancement decor" for this device will be provided. Most municipalities have noise ordinances that limit the times construction can occur (usually only from 7:00 AM until 11:00 PM). If your personal requirements for any limits on our working time are different, please let us know.

Our crews are assigned to your project to work consistently toward the goal of the prompt and expedient completion of your project. But, don't be surprised if we take a minute to chat with your children, pet or walk your dog, or roll out your trash on "pick-up" day. We've been known to start the laundry or a roast, sign for deliveries, and monitor utility activation on moving day!  

We manage multiple projects simultaneously and unfortunately problems do arise that require our telephone (and sometimes) "in person" attention that redirects our attention from your project. Like emergency triage for medical needs, we try to maintain a juggling act to address ALL needs for ALL projects in order of significance.

If, at any time, you have any questions, about anything, please let us know.  

We look forward to working with you!
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