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As you might imagine, our 45 years of working in home construction, home remodeling, shingle roofing installations, and home repair services have given us a great deal of knowledge and experience. Our team of licensed general contractors have amassed more than 200 years of cumulative construction experience.

As we worked with customers, we learned that there were a large number of requests coming in for some kind of video-based consultation services. Essentially, our clients wanted a coach or mentor to help walk them through a home improvement project step by step so they could save money on project costs while still seeing positive results. 

Rather than trying to follow along with an online video on your own and potentially causing more work for yourself, enlist the professionals at J. Trent & Associates!


One of our associates would be more than happy to connect with you using the iPhone FaceTime video application or Skype to help answer questions about your home, assist you in planning a project, or coach you in a project that you started but are unsure on how to complete. In the past, we’ve helped folks correct poor quality construction practices conducted by others, offered advice for repairs when negotiating the purchase of a home, and created estimates (or project budgets) for upcoming home improvement projects. 

Our services have helped our clients understand the worth of a home so that their offer for purchase comes from a position of strength. In fact, some of our clients have save tens of thousands of dollars off the purchase price! 


If you would like to learn more about our video consultation/coaching service, please fill out the form below! We’ll get back to you shortly with information on pricing, payment, and to answer any other questions that you may have. We may also ask about your geographic area so we can complete research about building codes in your area. 

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